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Lefty loosey, righty tighty

So, finally, the block is out!

With the help of my glamourous assisant, my wife, and after some cursing and blood letting, a lesson has been learned: remove all the bolts!

Storm Emma kindly vacated the area yesterday, leaving a relatively safe environment in which to work today, and with a borrowed engine hoist we set to work. 

The rain held off, for a change, which was nice. I'd already removed all the necessary nuts and bolts from the engine mounts and the block/bellhousing, and i'd propped up the gearbox with a few lumps of 2x4 hardwood.  All we had to do was pull the block out.

The hoist expertly demonstrated the laws of physics and popped the block away from the gearbox. Things, were going well.   But, after a significant amount of pulling and questioning of its parentage, the block was stuck.  Something was refusing to let it go. It turned out to be a small 10mm bolt through the gearbox adapter plate at the bottom of the bellhousing - 20+ years of turd completely hid the bolt from view!  After removing it, and a bit more wiggling, the block was out! Victory!

After taking the clutch away from the flywheel, it seems that the lack of power the old girl was demonstrating before she went off the road was partially down to the clutch having finished its life with us.  Being a standard Motorcraft jobbie, it'll get replaced with something more beefy when the time comes.

Meanwhile, the block's now waiting to take a trip to the experts at Headline MK for the verdict.  At the very least the pistons will need replacing, along with some machining of the bores.  I've also had an ARP stud and nut kit to fit, so that'll be added to the todo list.