Home of the Crystal Blue Sierra Cosworth


bluecossie v2.0: New and improved!

Welcome to, the only website that isn't here to make money!  Well, maybe not the only one.

This site's really here as an homage to the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, or more specifically, to mine.


I first made this site way back in 2004.  In its time, the site had a few facelifts, collected a few members, and had a fair share of articles and photos of my trials and tribualations of my Crystal Blue Sapphire Cosworth. Time passed, priorities changed, and eventually the site dwindled away to nothing.  And Facebook came along which ruined the internet forever.

Now it's 2018, and I still have my "Cossie".  Sadly it's not in a happy place right now, but I have a plan, and hope to have it tearing up the tarmac again in time for its 30th birthday, so this site will for the time being be my own motivation to crack on and resolve the biggest mistake I ever made: putting it second.


Meanwhile I'll pop up a few articles that you might find useful.