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It's Snow Joke

So a couple of days ago I enlisted the aid of the nice chap at Harlequin Garage in Aylesbury to do the bulk of the welding for me. 

Headline, near Milton Keynes are doing some engine work for me, mostly cleaning up the block and bottom end and some minor repairs to the head.

I bought an engine hoist at the end of January, but it turned out to be useless.  Poorly designed and manufactured, parts didn't fit, and it just felt 'cheap'.  A month of buggering about with the ebay supplier later, I've had a full refund, and managed to borrow an engine hoist, so now the block can come out and ship it off to Headline.

But then the snow came...

"Storm Emma" has come along and ravaged the British Isles.  My fingers nearly fell off changing a headlight bulb on my wife's car this afternoon, it's THAT cold.  -5 with a -8 windchill.  Looks like the block's staying put for the forseeable.  Watch this space.