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Sierra Timeline

So the Sierra's history, all 10 years of it, had a few things worth remembering.  Here they are.  If you happen to know something I've not mentioned, or if I've made a booboo, please let me know!  Credit where credit's due, so you'll get a mention if you get in touch.


13th October 1982 - Sierra is launched.  Available in 3 or 5 door hatchback, or 5 door estate body styles, and in Base, L, GL or Ghia trim levels.  1.3, 1.6 and 2.0 litre OHC "Pinto" and a 2.3L V6 "Cologne" petrol engines were options, as was a 2.3 litre Peugeot sourced diesel. 

1983 - XR4i, the "dedicated high performance derivitive" is launched.  XR standing for eXperimental Racing, featured larger brakes, a rear anti-roll bar, a unique "bi-plane" spoiler, full Ghia specification, and the mechanically fuel injected 2.8 V6 from the Capri 2.8i. XR4i also featured a unique shell, with 3 doors and split rear side windows. 

9th July 1985 - One millionth Sierra rolls out of the Dagenham factory

1985 - XR4x4 launched, featuring permanent 33/67 split four wheel drive in a standard 5 door shell.  Whole Sierra range receives minor trim changes and 1.8 litre SOHC 'Pinto' engine introduced.  1.3 litre SOHC engine is discontinued.

1986 - Sierra RS Cosworth introduced, 5000+ examples built, featuring an iconic "whale-tail" rear spoiler, distinctive aggressive front grille, and high performance brakes and suspension.  Available in Black, Diamong White, or Moonstone Blue


Sierra RS500 Cosworth announced.  A revised version of the earlier model, right hand drive only, 500 examples all sold by Ford UK.  Featuring a larger turbo, stronger engine block, revised suspension, additional rear spoiler and extension along with revised front bumper to aid cooling.  In full race-trim can develop 560+bhp.

Sierra Sapphire introduced, exhibiting features to appear on the rest of the Mk2 Sierra range, including "wraparound" front indicators, flush fitting headlights, fuel filler flap, new interior design (including new instrument cluster) and new fabrics.  The GLS is introduced as a sporting edition below the XR4x4.  Electronically controlled ABS is available as an option on all Sierras and standard equipment on higher specification models. Air conditioning and 4-speed automatic gearboxes available as options.

1988 - Sierra "Sapphire" RS Cosworth introduced: mechanically identical to the original '86 Cosworth model, but in the Sapphire bodyshell with full Ghia options pack.  Fastest accelerating Sierra Cosworth

March 1988 - My Cossie is built

1989 - Mk2 Sierra Facelift: Front indicators become clear, and rear light clusters are "smoked", dashboard receives minor changes, new fabric options available.

GL trim level dropped, and LX introduced

2000E model introduces the new 2.0 litre "I4" DOHC engine and MT75 gearbox; 2.0 OHC engine discontinued.  1.8 litre CVH replaces 1.8 SOHC engine.

1991 - Mk2 Sierra Facelift 2: new design body colour bumpers across the range, hatchbacks receive tailgate spoiler as standard equipment.  Improved instrument illumination and sound improved sound insulation along with other additional equipment becoming standard.

2000E model dropped.  GT Model introduced with distinctive red and blue interiors, and fewer factory fitted options replaces GLS model.  1.6 OHC engine replaced by 1.6 CVH.

1992 - Azura "run-off" model introduced - also known as a "parts bin special".  Fitted options differ wildly from one model to another. 

August 1992 - Completely new front wheel drive Mondeo is announced, replacing Sierra.

December 1992 - Sierra production ceases after a 10 year production run, with 2,700,500 built.