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Sapphire 4x4

In 1990, Ford had worked out how to attach permanent four wheel drive to the Cosworth engine.

Ford hadn't done very well on loose surface rally stages with the rear wheel drive Cossie, partially because that's not what it was built for, but mostly because the competition from Lancia's Delta Integrale and from Audi's Coupe Quattro, both of which were 4 wheel drive, was far too stiff.  On loose surfaces, 4x4 was the way forwards, literally, but Ford just didn't quite have it.  They did have the XR4x4 but it simply wasn't competitive due to it's under-powered, naturally aspirated boat anchor of a V6 engine.

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The Sapphire Cosworth arrived in 1988, after Ford introduced the Sapphire, the booted saloon or 'sedan' version of the Mk2 Sierra.  The new Sierra hatchback still resembled a jellymould but by now the Great British public (and the world over) had grown used to the Sierra's aerodynamic silouhette.  The new 'notchback' Sierra saloon was designed to appeal to the executive market, who still needed that 3-box design of the old Cortina. 

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