Welcome to my site!

You might have visited bluecossie.com in the past when it looked a bit different.  I used to update it quite often, and had a few ‘followers’, but some bad things happened, and ultimately the site disappeared.  Until now.

This site is my little homage, you could even call it a shrine, to my favourite blue oval.  In particular to my “Cossie”.

You’ll find some technical know-how in here (from experience, books, and chatting to experts in the field), some of our adventures, the story behind the legend, and some random and often unrelated rants.  Tech specs and general geekiness will will be here, but there’s no ads or hooky cookies.




This is my website, about my car, a 1988 Ford Sierra ‘Sapphire’ RS Cosworth.

In a world of Facebook and Instagram providing an instant and typically public online presence, I can hear you thinking “How late 90s of you…”  Well, I’m old.  I can’t help that.  I like some things how they used to be, and I like some things how they are now.

I’ve made this site my innocent little corner of the internet.  No ads, no pop-ups, no profiling, no porn.  Just me emptying my brain from time to time, and maybe the odd photo of a 1980s motoring icon.



If you promise not to spam me with viagra ads and webcam sites, you can email me.